Go For The Eyes (hamster mix)

by JoAnn Abbott

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This is the special "hamster mix" created by Caleb Hines from the original "Go For The Eyes" song.


Go For The Eyes

I was so frightened the day that he chose
To reach down and lift me, I swear that I froze!
But I looked in his eyes and my fears flew away
And we fell in love on that day
Now it’s not just because he’s so good in a fight-
His snug leather armor, his sword shining bright;
It’s because in his eyes, his loving heart shone
And I had a man of my own.

Go for the eyes, go for the eyes,
If you aren’t sure what to do
If you don’t know a friend from a foe
Go for the eyes, they’ll tell you.

So now we are partners along the Sword Coast
And I have to giggle when I hear him boast!
I point and he swings, cause that way works best
He fights; I take care of the rest.
Butt kicking for goodness! We fight for what’s right
I stay at his side in the day and the night
Live by the sword live a good loooong time
I’m happy this ranger is mine!

Miniature Giant Space Hamsters are rare
But he knew me at once for the wonder I am
Against all our enemies we have no care
For I am his hamster and he is my man

He says “Make way evil! I’m armed to the teeth!
And packing a hamster who’ll bite you beneath!”
I will admit what is says can seem strange-
But there’s nothing about him I’d change

Go for the eyes, Boo, go for the eyes,
That’s what Minsc tells me to do!
My brains and his steel, will finish the deal
Go for the eyes, till we’re through!
Go for the eyes, till we’re through!


released November 23, 2010
Music, Lyrics & vocals by JoAnn Abbott
Arrangement and instrumentation by Caleb Hines




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